Adidas’ New Resistance Movement?

This year Adidas has been launching and promoting their new movement campaign called, “Calling all Creators”. The commercial below displays a great example of resistance and counter-counter that was mentioned this week in lecture, and how some companies are taking it upon themselves to ‘revolutionize’ modern sports culture.

The ‘Calling all Creators’ movement focuses on the athlete being the creator of his/or her own story. The ad brings together many different influencers from across different genres of cultures; famous athletes, R&B singers, and fashion icons are shown to support the idea that sports and other cultures such as music, fashion, and art, are all intertwined into one and interdependent upon each other. This is evident when you look at some of today’s most famous athletes getting more involved in the fashion and music industry, such as Roger Federer who has his own classic and chic clothing brand (RF) or Lavar Ball with his new line of trendy sportswear (Big Baller Brand).

The ad mentions how sports culture is not defined by “…border, gender or race”, and how athletes shouldn’t just “…stay in their own lane”. Resistance culture against dominant culture has been a flowering trend over the last few years that has redefined what we think of as pop culture. Like what we talked about in class, is pop culture just what is accepted by the masses and what is popular? This ad seeks to change those norms and challenge what is accepted by society using innovation and new ways to redefine sports culture as a whole.


2 thoughts on “Adidas’ New Resistance Movement?

  1. a great first post! there is a lot of fodder for future discussion here, including unpacking (relatively new) terms like ‘influencers,’ and questions about whether resistance and commodification and co-exist. i look forward to where this discussion takes us!

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    • Hey, thanks for the reply.

      Yeah, with all of the ‘cultural revolutions’ happening nowadays it seems as if resistance culture is sort of becoming a part of its own culture. Even looking at racial movements like ‘black lives matter’, resistance culture seems to be becoming more and more a part of our lives everyday, and for the greater good it seems as well.


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